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Efficient Fleet Management Should Not Be Taken Lightly

Altech Netstar Acquires Fleetpro - Brings A New Dimension to the Fleet Management Market

Fleet management should be one of the most important operational factors for companies, as fleet costs can account for as much as 30% of a company’s operational expenses, fleet management solutions provider FleetPro General Manager John Bell tells Engineering News.

John Bell, General Manager FleetPro

01 September 2014

The purchase of FleetPro, a leading Fleet and Asset Management solutions provider, by Altech Netstar has established a strategic platform that will enable the company to offer its customers a fully comprehensive range of fleet solutions in the market, according to Altech Netstar Managing Director Harry Louw.


He says the acquisition is revolutionary in local fleet management as it closes the loop in the provision of an extensive suite of fleet solutions from a single provider.  “Altech Netstar has seized the opportunity to expand its services to provide solutions for key Southern African fleets. A strategic imperative for Altech Netstar is to deliver the most all-encompassing range of fleet solutions in the market, and the acquisition of FleetPro provides it with a unique offering while enhancing its position as technology leader in fleet management.




SA Faces Shake-Up In Its Multi-Billion Rand Fleet Management Industry

08 June 2013

The multi-billion rand fleet management industry in South Africa is due for a shake-up that will see it transformed from its stagnation over the past two decades into a dynamic and innovative business addressing the needs of the country – including skills enhancement and job creation.


World authority on fleets John Bell says factors such as global developments, the changing role of fleet managers and the prevailing situation in the South African public sector will radically alter the local approach to an industry that has got bogged down in the traditional structures of ‘yesteryear’.


“In 2013 the fleet management industry in industrialized countries will turn over some R100-billion with South Africa having its fair share.  In the next five years the figure is set to triple. Currently the biggest factor contributing to management pressure to reduce fleet expenses is the general business climate.  We regularly hear the mantra of ‘outsource to save costs’.  This objective is often not achieved even with new players continuing to join the already crowded fleet management market filled with banks, automobile manufacturers, tracking companies, trucking concerns and plethora of others, this objective is often not achieved.




Focus On Bus Accidents Misplaced Says Expert

11 March 2013

One of South Africa’s foremost experts in fleet management has warned that solutions to the horrific bus safety record in recent years is mainly due to maintenance issues not being rectified before the vehicles leave their depots.


FleetPro CEO, John Bell says the emphasis in the transport industry has moved from good maintenance governance to tracking of vehicles. “The tracking systems that companies install provide information as to where the accident took place and the actions of the drivers but have not effected accident reduction. Ninety-six percent of bus accidents are caused by vehicle failure and this is because they are not part of a system that flags the problems at the right time.



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