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Efficient Fleet Management Should Not Be Taken Lightly



• To provide innovations and effective solutions to enhance efficiencies while

   minimizing fleet costs for vehicles;

• to meet the expectations of all stakeholders;

• to offer a cost-effective product that will provide sustainability for the business.





To be the global leader in providing a totally integrated comprehensive fleet management software system.

FleetPro, a division of  Altech Netstar, a company in the JSE listed Altron Group. The Altech Netstar FleetPro offering is unique in the fleet management industry and operating out of Midrand, is accessible through regional and branch offices in all major South African centres. Altech Netstar FleetPro operations extend into Africa, with service providers in 12 African countries, as well as an international operation based in Malaysia. The FleetPro system is also accepted and use around the world including United Kingdom, Tanzania, UAE and Mauritius giving the combined products an extensive reach.


Altech Netstar having pioneered the stolen vehicle tracking and recovery industry in South Africa, and as a market leading provider of digitally connected fleet management and vehicle telematics services and solutions, has added the FleetPro system to take the forefront in this arena, locally and internationally.


The expansion of services across a number of comprehensive solution implementations for key Southern African fleets has enhanced the Altech Netstar FleetPro range of products to deliver the most comprehensive range of fleet solutions in the market while reinforcing the company’s position as the technology leader in fleet management.





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Fleet management should be one of the most important operational factors for companies, as fleet costs can account for as much as 30% of a company’s operational expenses, fleet management solutions provider FleetPro General Manager John Bell tells Engineering News.


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